Xuanya “Bill” Zhang

Xuanya “Bill” Zhang, Industrial Engineering ’13 and Liberal Arts & Engineering ‘13

Technical Consultant at Arcadia Solutions

My years at WPI have been the best time of my life and studying in the Industrial Engineering department is what made it so special for me. The learning experience is both informative and inspirational. The wide range of industries and fields covered by the curriculum is fascinating. From supply chain to healthcare, my interested fields switched multiple times during college. However, I was always able to pursue knowledge that I craved for at that time. I also enjoyed the freedom provided by the flexible curriculum to expand my knowledge. While we absorbed the most advanced Industrial Engineering theory and research in the classroom, we actually applied what we learned in various projects sponsored by great companies and organizations. My MQP in healthcare is what prepared me for my full-time job in the same industry.

All these great things do not happen by themselves. The professors in the Industrial Engineering department are the most diligent and wise individuals I was lucky enough to encounter. We only shared four years in the journey of life. Short it may seem but the experience is life-changing. In class, I often found my questions answered before I even asked them. Outside the classroom, I found myself carrying conversations with my advisors and mentors about life and career. From my four years of interaction with the professors in the WPI IE department, I constantly feel their passion towards academia as well as their caring for the students.

With such an outstanding curriculum and an exceptional group of people, the culture of the department is non-comparable. Diversity and globalization could be noticed easily: background of the students, topics in the courses and approaches of teaching. From board meetings to online surveys, student involvement could not be neglected in the IE department. It was a great honor for me to be the leader of IE student organization for the past several years. I witnessed the growth of WPI IE department and students.

The program equipped me with excellent understanding of industrial engineering concepts through team-based hands on projects. The flexible curriculum gave me the opportunity to shape my own education through a combination of engineering and business courses.

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