This site contains links to resources intended to be useful to IQP advisors. These resources can be used to support faculty advising and student learning about all aspects of IQP. Of course, there is no single "right" way to do any particular element of an IQP. There are a variety of exercises, tools, and resources that can be used by both faculty and students. Thus, you will find a diverse set of resources to choose from for every aspect of an IQP. Please take a look and choose the ones that best suit your approach and your needs. If you like, you can also adapt what is here to your specific needs.

This site is organized around key topics. Follow the links on the menu to go to find resources on these topics.

In keeping with the collaborative spirit of the IQP, the resources provided here represent the work of dozens of WPI faculty members. As you will see, some of the resources provided here contain the name of the faculty person who created them. In other cases, they do not - these may be a composite used by many advisors and revised over the years.

Please note that all of the resources provided here are either words documents or pdf files. Feel free to download files and alter them for your own use. Word documents are identifiable by the suffix '.doc' while pdf files are identifiable by the suffix '.pdf'. Thanks for visiting and we hope that you find this site useful!

Faculty can add project topics to the project proposals list. Students can find project topics and faculty interested in advising projects in each division in this list too.

If you have any comments, suggestions or if you would like to propose an addition to this site, please contact us at iqp-advisor-help@wpi.edu




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