A Collaboration Across Sustainable Energy Project and Research Activities

The Sustainable Energy Project Center represents a new paradigm for WPI project centers in coordinating the Global Perspectives, Great Problems, Senior project (MQP), Junior Project (IQP) and graduate thesis programs toward a common focus and by providing access to resources and facilities that address one of the great challenges of the world.

Project Center Objectives

Catalyst for Project Sustainability

Provide visibility and resources to sustain and continue specific project learnings and developments from one project team to another.


Provide a centralized resource for students, faculty, and industry to get involved with one of the great problems of our time and associate with others to build a community and a campaign.


Bring faculty and students together to share their knowledge on sustainable energy for a greater and lasting impact.


Aggregate and communicate WPI’s energy-related project and research activities both internally and externally, and promote internship, scholarship, and other opportunities.


Provide a clearinghouse for energy-related project topics and the formation of project teams with faculty advisors.


Provide a forum for discussion of major energy-related topics, including the development of a sustainable energy seminar series.

Public-Private Partnerships

Provide corporate project and research sponsorship and student recruitment opportunities for industry partners.

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