On-Campus IQP

Students choose to complete their IQP on campus for many reasons.  For example, a commitment to a student organization, athletic team or part-time job may preclude living and working off-campus for a term.  Nearly all students who complete IQPs on campus work on them over three consecutive terms as one-third of their course load (A,B and C or B, C and D).  The scheduling of your project is negotiated with your advisor and project team members. Some advisors may require a PQP at the beginning or a project extension if the work is incomplete after three terms.  

Most of the projects completed on-campus originate with a faculty member and are related to that professor’s research interests or areas of teaching expertise.  The chance to work closely with a faculty member is one of the most exciting aspects of project work.  You can search Proposed Interactive Qualifying Projects to find projects sponsored by faculty members.

In addition, there are four on-campus IQP centers that bring together groups of IQP teams and advisors interested in the following research topics:

  1. Sustaining WPI On-Campus Project Center – Prof. Suzanne LePage, CEE
  2. Sustainable Energy Project Center – Prof. John Orr, ECE
  3. Global Sustainable Development – Prof. Derren Rosbach, CEE & SSPS
  4. Center for Sustainable Food Systems – Prof. Bob Hersh, IGSD  

Students completing projects on campus also have the opportunity to complete a project on a topic of their choosing.  All that’s needed is a topic and advisor!  For the topic, students should focus on an interdisciplinary problem involving society and science/technology.  To find an advisor, look to professors that you have had for classes and those listing projects on the IQP Opportunities Website. It is likely that you can find someone who shares your interest and can help work your idea into an IQP – but this approach requires student initiative.  

Students planning to complete a project on campus should seek a project topic and advisor during the spring of their sophomore year.  In C term, faculty are invited to submit project topics to the IQP Opportunities Website.  An on-campus Project Opportunities Fair is held in the first week of D term each year.  There students can meet with faculty and explore project topics in more detail.  Faculty will interview students and form teams.  Students should register for their project in April as they are completing course registration plans for their junior year. 

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