For Parents

A successful off-campus experience does not just occur. It requires careful consideration of all that needs to be done before a student leaves the WPI campus—and while living and working at the off-campus site. The Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division (IGSD) has put together resources and documents that outline these considerations.

Parent-to-Parent Letter

Many WPI employees have children who participated in the Global Perspective Program. Their collective wisdom is available in the Parent-to-Parent letter


Students completing MQPs, IQPs, or Humanities & Arts (HUA) credits off-campus will incur costs above tuition.  More details about each project center and the associated costs are available on our Global Portal.

Global Perspective Program Application Process

WPI’s Global Portal gives you access to review and apply to off-campus programs. View the Project Centers for the upcoming year.

Information & Forms for Off-Campus Projects

For students who are currently on a project or are preparing to leave for a project.