Project Centers

A Global Approach to Improving Our Quality of Life

Through participation at more than 35 Project Centers across the globe, all WPI undergraduates have the opportunity to complete their HUA, IQP, and MQP requirements off campus.

  • HUA students immerse themselves in the art, culture, and writings of a particular city/country.
  • IQP students work with local organizations to tackle real-life problems and challenges where science and technology meet social issues and human needs.
  • MQP students pursue technical projects in their major course of study, frequently in partnership with industry leaders and other universities.

WPI students pursue hands-on, life-changing project opportunities in all corners of the world—close to campus in Worcester, Boston or other U.S. cities, or farther away at WPI Project Centers in Africa, Central America, Asia, Australasia, and Europe. Project work is preceded by rigorous preparation. Students also strive to become familiar with the culture and language.  

The table below provides more information about individual 2014-2015 WPI Project Centers.  Be sure to look at our new programs in Bar Harbor, MEMoscow, RussiaMandi, India, Tirana, Albania and Zurich, Switzerland

Project Site Location Focus Director
Bangkok, Thailand Asia Projects sponsored by local nonprofit organizations, universities, and governmental organizations. Richard Vaz, Seth Tuler

Bar Harbor, ME

United States Projects have a strong focus on the relationship and intersection between the humanities, technology, the arts, and the environment. Fred Bianchi
Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Wuhan, China Asia Projects deal with mechanical product and system design, robotics, manufacturing processes, environmental engineering, and more. Kevin Rong, Amy Zeng
Boston, MA United States Traffic, infrastructure, environment, education, and other areas have been the focus of past projects here.

Paul Mathisen
Seth Tuler

Budapest, Hungary  Europe Projects are pursued at the Computer and Automation Research Institute in Budapest. Gabor Sarkozy
Cape Town, South Africa Africa  Focus is on buildings, water/sanitation, energy, communications, economic development and urban planning. Scott Jiusto
Copenhagen, Denmark Europe     Emphasis is on environmental issues and technology for people with disabilities. Steve Taylor
Gallo (Modesto, CA) United States     Previous MQP projects have involved wine filtration improvements, wine carbonation, and new processes and technology.   Henry Nowick
Hong Kong, China Asia Past projects include an evaluation of English-language educational software and increasing recycling of containers and tires. Creighton Peet
Ifrane, Morocco Africa

Either an IQP or the HUA Requirement can be completed in Ifrane, focusing on problems of the developing world and/or understanding Arabic culture.

W. A. Bland Addison, Tahar El-Korchi
London, England Europe Students study topics that might include the history, literature, music, theater, or culture of Britain and Europe. John Delorey
London, England Europe Students work with local governments and/or NGOs on recycling, renewable energy, and community development. Dominic Golding, Rob Krueger
London, England and New York, NY (Wall Street)  United States, Europe The Wall Street Project Center presents opportunities for MQP projects with some of the best-known firms in the world. Art Gerstenfeld,
Kevin Sweeney
Melbourne, Australia South Pacific IQPs usually focus on disabilities, fire protection, education or the environment. Holly Ault
Microsoft, Cambridge United States The project work will include the completion of an MQP report and presentation on the project to Microsoft. David Finkel
MIT-Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington  United States Areas include air defense, communications, space surveillance, missile defense, tactical surveillance systems and air traffic control. Ted Clancy
MITRE - Bedford, MA United States A key area is use of wind turbines as a source of green energy—and making it possible for them to coexist with radar apparatus. Reinhold Ludwig, Sergey Makarov
Nancy, France Europe Projects are chosen based on consideration of the interests and majors of the applying students.

Stephen Kmiotek


Nantucket, MA United States Projects have focused on issues of environmental sustainability, assisting town departments, and museum studies. Dominic Golding
Osaka, Japan Asia Current projects involve work in the areas of interactive information systems and other cybermedia applications at Osaka University. Robert Lindeman
Panama City, Panama Central America Projects focus on environmental and civil engineering areas and may offer opportunities with the Panama Canal Expansion Program. Tahar El-Korchi
San José, Costa Rica Central America Costa Rica’s unique environment offers students opportunities to focus on environmental conservation and sustainable development. Susan Vernon-Gerstenfeld
San Juan, Puerto Rico Central America Projects span a wide range of topics, including environment, public health, housing, social welfare, transportation, and land use. Lauren Mathews
Santa Fe, NM United States Three areas of particular relevance are the focus here: Water conservation, renewable energy and urban planning.  Fabio Carrera
Shanghai, China Asia Projects will be conducted in collaboration with the School of Environmental Science and Engineering. David DiBiasio, Hong Susan Zhou
Silicon Valley, CA United States Projects may be available in computer science, electrical/computer engineering, and interactive media and game development. David Finkel
Venice, Italy Europe Students concentrate on environmental, socioeconomic, artistic, cultural, and technical concerns central to the city’s revitalization. Fabio Carrera
Washington, DC  United States Recent project topics include commercial fishing safety, green products, and oil contamination in Ecuador. Kent Rissmiller
Wellington, New Zealand South Pacific IQPs involve outreach to New Zealand government organizations and NGOs on issues related to science, technology, and society. Michael Elmes, Ingrid Shockey
Windhoek, Namibia Africa Projects typically involve alternative energy sources, improved water and sanitation management, and low-income housing, Creighton Peet
Worcester, MA United States The Worcester Community Project Center focuses on urban greening, community participation, and social justice.

 Corey Dehner

WPI-Stantec United States Focus is on the research and development of various sustainability topics in the buildings and infrastructure industry. Frederick Hart


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