Project Centers

A Global Approach to Improving Our Quality of Life

Through participation at more than 40 Project Centers across the globe, all WPI undergraduates have the opportunity to complete their HUA, IQP, and MQP requirements off campus.

  • HUA students immerse themselves in the art, culture, and writings of a particular city/country.
  • IQP students work with local organizations to tackle real-life problems and challenges where science and technology meet social issues and human needs.
  • MQP students pursue technical projects in their major course of study, frequently in partnership with industry leaders and other universities.

WPI students pursue hands-on, life-changing project opportunities in all corners of the world.  Project work is preceded by rigorous preparation. Students also strive to become familiar with the culture and language. 

WPI in the World

The following links will bring you to the Global Portal which is designed specifically for current WPI students to apply.

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