Provost’s Office Memo on ISRPs

To: Faculty
From: Eric Overström, Provost
Re: Individually Sponsored Residential Projects (ISRP's)

Many students and faculty augment the educational opportunities available at WPI's formal project centers and programs with individually sponsored residential, off-campus projects. After reviewing these offerings, WPI's risk management advisor, William L. Granahan, Senior Consultant at Milliman and Robertson, Inc., recommended that all such programs adhere to common, carefully structured risk management protocols such as those developed and implemented by IGSD. Otherwise, students, faculty, and WPI are exposed to unnecessary risk.

Hence, I am requiring completion of the following risk management protocol by all faculty intending to advise students who will earn academic credit while in residence off-campus in individually sponsored projects.

  1. Two terms prior to off-campus activity: Faculty advisor sends a letter of intent to the Provost's office (with a copy sent to the IGSD). The letter describes the scope of the anticipated project, where it will happen, how many students will participate, and the term that the students will be off-campus.
  2. One term prior to departure: Faculty advisor completes and submits a completed ISRP Information Form to the IGSD. The ISRP form is co-signed by the academic department head (MQP or HU&A activity) or Dean of IGSD (IQP). At this time a signed Transcript & Judicial Release Form for ISRPs (PDF) must be submitted for each potential student participant.
  3. One term prior to departure: All students expecting to participate in an ISRP should be in good academic standing at this time. WPI reserves the right to withdraw acceptance to students who are subsequently placed on academic warning. Students placed on academic probation are not eligible to participate. Upon review of academic and judicial records for each student the IGSD will inform the advisor of students who may be disqualified due to poor academic performance or judicial history at WPI. Please see the Policy on Student Judicial Review.
  4. During term prior to departure: Student participant(s) complete all forms though the Global Portal and attend all orientations. 

Activities that do not fulfill the conditions of this protocol by providing the required information at the time specified will not be eligible to earn academic credit.

At the completion of step 3 WPI's risk managers will review the information provided and make a recommendation to the Dean of IGSD, who will assist me in making a final decision to approve or disapprove the activity based on considerations of risk management. The faculty advisor will learn of this decision no later than the first day of the term preceding the proposed activity.

Although additional forms and procedures can be a burden, the information requested here is necessary for prudent risk management. Taking the time to collect it carefully and completely will protect everyone in the WPI community.

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