MQP Team:

  • Shelli Clifford
  • Tim Cushman
  • Brian Hettrick
    with Alex Schwartz


  • Joshua Rosenstock

iGotBand is an original Flash-based guitar game that emphasizes improvisation and creative musical interpretation.

Players are guitarists in a virtual band, using a standard guitar controller to play along with precomposed songs. The goal of the game is to attract "fans" (NPCs), who request specific sequences of notes that complement the basic song of each level. However, in an effort to promote improvisation, the player is not required to follow any specific musical rules and may choose to ignore the fans, interject their own musical passages within the song sequence, or freely improvise and play whatever notes they want. Once fans have been "captured" to join the audience, they will gradually lose interest unless the player continues to play notes they request.

There are several classes of NPCs, including goth girl, gangsta guy, business man, punk rocker, and default girl. Each character is rendered with a full set of animated actions to represent their moods and behaviors, including playing instruments, head banging, jumping up and down and cheering, and getting bored and walking away. There are several venues for the levels, including the City Park, the Bar, and the Stadium. Over the course of the yearlong development of this project, team members conducted background research, worked on several iterations of game design, created all the art assets, scripted a rendering pipeline, programmed the game in ActionScript, created original sounds and music tracks, designed a user interface, did play testing, created an installer application, and built a website to publicly release the game. Learn more…

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