Graduate Students to Present at the Southwest Popular Association

Location: Albequerque, New Mexico from February 13th to the 17th

IMGD graduate students Owen Leach and Michael DeAnda are presenting at the Southwest Popular Culture Association.

Owen Leach is presenting "Play Together, Stay Together: Using Collaborative Gameplay to Optimize Serious Games": Current methods used for designing serious and educational games rely on humanist theory that places too much emphasis on individual study while denying the proven educational worth of collaborative learning. This article explores the origins of humanist educational theory within serious games and proposes a solution to the shortcomings it creates. By incorporating collaborative learning techniques, through the use of multiplayer game design, it is possible to further the potential of serious games, increasing retention and transfer

Michael DeAnda is presenting "Reflections on Porn... I Mean the Soul Calibur V Advertisement..."


Link to the program: http://www.swtxpca.org/documents/49.html


February 13, 2013

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