Smuggle Truck Is Finally Out

IMGD alumni Alex Schwartz and Yilmaz Kiymaz, founders of the game company Owlchemy Labs, released their first game Smuggle Truck.

IMGD alumni Alex Schwartz and Yilmaz Kiymaz founded a game company called Owlchemy Labs.  Their first game was Smuggle Truck, released in Spring 2011.

After months of development, Smuggle Truck is finally available for download. If you're looking for the PC/Mac version, head on over to http://smuggletruck.com - We're using FastSpring as our payment processor and have heard nothing but good things about their security for online software purchases (aka not Sony). The iPhone and iPad versions of Snuggle Truck are available on the App Store now. Those looking for more info on the iOS version of the game can check out http://snuggletruck.com.

Wait, what's with all the Snuggling?

We were denied entry to the App Store with our submission of Smuggle Truck. The rejection was due to content issues. The exact details of the rejection are under NDA, but Snuggle Truck is our way to bring the gameplay that people enjoyed with Smuggle Truck to the players on the App Store. The change to Snuggle Truck is purely graphical and the gameplay remains the same. In fact, the only difference in Snuggle Truck is you're bringing animals from the wilderness to the comfort of a zoo, where they'll be provided plenty of food, water and free state-of-the-art health care. That being said, Smuggle Truck is available in its un-edited form on PC and Mac and is being sold through our website, for those who want to experience the original. Snuggle Truck is only $1.99 for iPhone and $2.99 for iPad.

Okay, cool. So now what?

We're hard at work on our first major update to the game which brings a full suite of user generated content to the players fingertips. iPhone, iPad, and Desktop users will be able to download, rate, and play hundreds of  community levels for free. We're very excited about this update and think it'll send replay value through the roof. Expect to see it out in the wild about a month and a half from now.


Are you still reading this? Check out SnuggleTruck.com now! Or throw some comments on our new Smuggle Truck Facebook page.

That's about it for us.

-Owlchemy Labs

May 11, 2011

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