Robots, Rockets, Astronauts and more at WPI TouchTomorrow Event held on Saturday, June 16th, from 10AM to 5PM. Learn more about this exciting event.

WPI's TouchTomorrow 2012 brought out science, technology, and robot enthusiasts to the WPI campus June 16, celebrating the NASA Sample Return Challenge. Technology fun for all ages was scattered throughout campus, providing enough space for all people to partake without being too spread out. TouchTomorrow brought about 7,000 people to campus, from a broad range of constituencies.

The IMGD program particated in TouchTomorrow, too. There were game trailers and animation movies playing in upper Perreault, digital art posters in the commons, the art installation "What do machines remember"  on the Fuller Labs stairs, and student-made games in the IMGD Lab. Parents and families, with scattered teens and solos, came and went visiting the exhibits open-house style. The IMGD lab was packed for most of the day with gamers, upper Perrault had about 15-20 people in it throughout the day watching movies, and the commons got a steady stream of people viewing art. The student-made games featured projects from the advanced IMGD courses and MQPs. IMGD student volunteers staffed the lab, helping with trouble-shooting, gameplay controls and, most importantly, answering questions about the IMGD program and the process of developing games.

June 5, 2012

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