IMGD Showfest 2012

Here’s an excellent opportunity to spotlight your great work and have fun at the same time. Join us at IMGD Showfest 2012 and demo your game, enjoy a barbecue, and find out who wins the Best MQP Award. Learn more...

Invite your friends.  Invite your parents.  Invite potential employers.

Showfest is our end of the year celebration of the work you guys have been doing all year.  Bring a game to play, or some interactive media to interact with, or a demo movie if you like.

There will be a cookout.

We will provide table space and electricity.  Everything else is up to you.

Bring your game/film/interactive media. Bring something that will run it.

Get a projector and screen from the ATC if you want.  Letting other people see your game being played is always a good thing. 

Have someone there throughout to demo your game.

We will announce the winner of the best MQP award at Showfest.

April 11, 2012

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