IMGD Student, Alex Clemens, Takes Third Place in Arts Worcester's Tenth Annual College Show

Alex Clemens, a Junior in the IMGD program (art track), has recently placed 3rd in the Tenth Annual College Show held by Arts Worcester. His collage, titled My Goatly Essence, is made entirely out of Magic: The Gathering cards.

Clemens has this to say about his work of art: "My Goatly Essence is a display of my inner feelings. The goat is a mascot for my personal spirit and my school pride. The composition is made of card fragments cut from Magic: The Gathering trading cards. These cards symbolize my interests as I have grown at WPI.  
    In more detail, I used the picture to express the joy I have at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and the love I grew for the game Magic: The Gathering. So I felt obliged to create an image of WPI's mascot, a goat, from pieces of my new found hobby. My own symbolism is that it took my effort and some pieces of Magic to create the symbol for WPI."

Check the Arts Worcester website to see the other winners or for more information.

February 13, 2014

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