George Phillies releases 2nd editions of his game design textbooks

George Phillies is a professor of physics at WPI and teaches in the Interactive Media and Game Design program, he created a nationally unique course on designing board games, IMGD 2500 Design of Tabletop Strategy Games, and coauthoring its two textbooks: Design Elements of Contemporary Strategy Games and Contemporary Perspectives in Game Design. He has recently released  new editions of two of his game design books:

Modern Perspective on Game Design

Second Edition! The Second Edition of Phillies and Vasel's Modern Perspectives on Game Design, now with more material, more discussion problems, and a complete course syllabus from Phillies' university-level game design course.

Phillies and Vasel's Modern Perspectives on Game Design delivers interviews with leading board game designers, artists, manufacturers, sellers, and users. From Costikyan to Nestel, from Besinque to Garfield to Seyfarth, Modern Perspectives in Game Design presents the insights of men and women who design modern board games.

It can be found on Amazon here.

Designing Modern Strategy in Games

Designing Modern Strategy Games is the definitive textbook on game design. It offers rules descriptions, a synoptic analysis of design elements, recommendations of great game designers, more than 100 design projects, and an inspiring essay by Greg Costikyan. This, the second edition of Phillies and Vasel's 2006 text, includes three course plans from Phillies' college-level game design course.

Designing Modern Strategy Games can also be used as a textbook; it includes more than 100 game design projects. For instructors, an Appendix includes the day-by-day course plans for three offerings of author Phillies' precedent-breaking university course Design of Tabletop Board Wargames.

Phillies and Vasel's book, the second edition of Phillies and Vasel's 2006 text, opens with an inspiring essay by Greg Costikyan. It proceeds through a synoptic analysis of game design elements, recommendations of great game designers, and detailed analyses of rules of over a hundred games of strategy.

It can be found on Amazon here.

September 20, 2012

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