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2014 will be WPI's second presence at the PAX East convention. Originating last year, the annual WPI Booth Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) was introduced by Professor Mark Claypool at the start of the 2012-2013 school year. All students who attend WPI are required to work on an IQP, typically done during the Junior year, that aims to familiarize students with the connection between science, technology, social issues and human needs. While typical  Students in this project are given a budget and work closely with WPI faculty, marketing and other students to bring a WPI themed booth to PAX East.

The goal of the WPI booth this year is mixed. PAX East 2014 presents an excellent chance to advertise the WPI Interactive Media and Game Design (IMGD) department to potential students, employers and the public. This year's booth is being run by students Eric Benson, Timothy Bujnevicie and Adam Ansel. Through the booth, a select number of WPI seniors and graduate students are also able to showcase their games to the public. Information on the four projects being showcased at this year's booth can be found below.


Developed by Logan Harrington and Sean Calvert

Gone  is a first person, 3D survival game where the player is thrown into the mind of a mentally ill person. They must survive the journey through a house whose rooms are a visual metaphor for the symptoms and emotions of three mental illnesses: depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder. The player must survive and conquer the struggles of living with a mental health concern. You beat your demons?


Developed by Eric Anumba and Dan Acito

Join Xeero as he scours a computer system, stomping down bugs and hunting malware. In this 3D action-puzzle-platformer, the system becomes your tool as you Digitize useful objects, and Materialize them anywhere you see fit. Digitize Blocks to reach distant platforms or Bomb to destroy obstacles in you path. Combine objects to unlock new avenues to hunt your prey. Slay malware, crush bugs, save the system!

Maternal Instinct

Developed by Alex Quartulli, Nick Defossez, John Tordoff and Kimani Gyening

Maternal Instinct is a game that uses sound as its primary sensory component. The player moves through a jungle with heavily restricted sight, and must rely on audio cues to navigate, fight, and survive. Maternal Instinct tells the story of a mother separated from her son. She must brave the hidden dangers of the jungle at night to rescue her child.

Hyper Groove

Developed by Cian Rice

Hyper Groove is a rhythm action game inspired by classic music games such as Amplitude, Frequency, and Rockband Unplugged combined with an art direction heavily inspired by glitch-art and games like Hotline Miami. In the game players are faced with managing two instrument tracks - matching beats on each track without letting the other fail. In a twist for the genre, players have three lives that they can expend before meeting an untimely demise! Additionally, players can elect to modify gameplay with special effects that can increase the difficulty while upping the reward, or vice versa! So what are you waiting for? Get hooked on Hyper Groove today!"  

Additional information about WPI can be found here.

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