Prince of Pride

MQP Team:

  • Fran Collins
  • Ross Doran
  • Greg Kinneman
  • Ryan LaSante


  • Rob Lindeman
  • George Phillies

As prince of a pride of lions, you must offset the shortcomings of your father's harsh, unforgiving rule. Can you strengthen the bonds of the pride through cooperation and coordination? Can you gain the respect of the youth and the elders through noble and brave acts? Will you stabilize the pride, help them survive the arduous journey, and lead them to their new home, or will you be left behind in the wasteland?

Prince of Pride is a game that tests the managerial skills of the player. Through a realistic, yet exaggerated, cartoon approach, the game art and UI will provide feedback to the player to keep the pride together. Through the use of a unique social AI middleware, the game forces the player to keep the emotions and needs of a pride of lions in check as they all attempt to do what they can to help reach the end of their journey. Learn more…

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