Undergraduate Programs

Where Technology and Art Converge

The Interactive Media & Game Development (IMGD) program at WPI is built around the idea that if you put artists and technical people together in an atmosphere where they can share ideas, novel ways of looking at traditional media will happen, and new media will be created.

Education Across Disciplines

We want our artists to know enough programming to be able to appreciate problems programmers face, and we want our programmers to be versed in the language of art in order to work effectively with their colleagues. To that end, our undergraduate program emphasizes balance. While each student chooses whether to focus on either the artistic or technical side of the field, all are expected to gain a broad understanding of both areas, developing a base of knowledge in computer science, mathematics, science, art, music, and English.

Project-Based Learning

Hands-on learning is a core component of the WPI curriculum, and it’s especially important to IMGD. Our students don't just study how to make things; they make things. Whether those “things” are games, interactive fiction, virtual environments, art installations, collaborative performances, or forms of new media that haven't been invented yet, we expect our students to be at the forefront of exploring worlds that we currently can only imagine.

Browse the student work below to get a sense of where art and technology can take you.

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IMGD Master Classes

Learn from industry experts in a small, casual environment. Learn more...