Our IMGD major provides an outstanding cross-disciplinary education in the principles of interactive applications and computer-based game development. IMDG degree requirements ensure that students receive the necessary base of technical knowledge in computer science, mathematics, and the sciences, a competency in expressing and analyzing the visual arts and storytelling relating to IMGD, and the analytical skills to address social and philosophical issues pertaining to games and related media.

WPI’s philosophy of hands-on learning is an integral part of our IMGD curriculum. Students don’t just study how to make things; you’ll create games, interactive fiction, virtual environments, art installations, collaborative performances—or invent entirely new forms of media.

Our students culminate their degree with a substantial group project that demonstrates an application of IMGD skills, methods, and knowledge in solving problems likely to be encountered at the professional level. This project provides an opportunity for in-depth study and results in invaluable expertise in specific game development implementation, as well as creates substantive materials for a portfolio.  Learn more...