The International Studies minor effectively integrates a student's courses, projects, and overseas experiences. Ideal for students who complete their Interactive Qualifying Project or educational exchange program off-campus, the International Studies minor prepares students for work and study abroad though core courses and international electives. Upon returning from overseas, students analyze and reflect on the experience through a senior seminar in which they consider ways of translating their experiences into future personal and professional opportunities.

Since the background and goals of each student are different, the requirements are flexible. Below are various sample course paths or tracks, which illustrate how students with experience at some of WPI's global Project Centers might shape the minor to meet their goals.

These paths are suggestions and not requirements. We encourage you to combine your courses and projects in ways that best meet your career goals, whether you follow a sample path below or one of your own design.

2015 International and Global Studies Minor Requirements

International Studies Minor Planning and Approval Form.

Sample Course Program Paths

Track Associated Project Centers/Areas
Africa Track (.pdf, 65kb) Morocco, Namibia, South Africa
Asia Track (.pdf, 65kb)  India, Thailand, China, Japan
China Track (.pdf, 65kb) Beijing, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai
Europe Track (.pdf, 65kb) United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Albania, Greece, Russia
German Track (.pdf, 64kb)  Germany, Switzerland
Global Environments (.pdf, 69kb) All
Latin America Track (.pdf, 64kb)  Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Argentina
London Track (.pdf, 64kb) London
Pacific Antipodes (.pdf, 65kb) Australia, New Zealand
Spanish Track (.pdf, 65kb) Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico
Sustainable Development (.pdf,69kb) Costa Rica, India, Morocco, Namibia, Panama, Paraguay, South Africa, Thailand
US and the World (.pdf, 70kb) All