National nonprofit organization representing 200 engineering schools, Fortune 500 corporations, and nonprofit organizations, recognized Camp Reach for encouraging young women in engineering & science and for serving as an outstanding model program.

Camp Reach offers a milestone experience that contributes to young women's interest and confidence in pursuing engineering and science majors in college. This innovative and intensive two-week experience is consistently lauded by the campers, teachers, volunteers, and WPI faculty and students who make it happen.

Praise from teachers...

“The end result of the quality instruction promoted at Camp Reach is young women who are more confident, invested, and innovative:  all qualities that are so desperately needed for America’s future workforce.”

Meg Chase, M.Ed.
Mathematics teacher
Luther Burbank Middle School
Lancaster, Massachusetts

"Working on a real project from inception to completion is likely new for many of the students at this level and provides an exciting opportunity. The chance to deliver a working project to a real client is an amazing and entirely new challenge.”

John Bastien, ‘87
Mathematics teacher
Auburn Middle School
Auburn, Massachusetts 

"WPI professors and students present interesting workshops on robotics, bioengineering, environmental engineering, and rockets.  Their participation provides positive role models for the impressionable middle school girls, helping to build their self-confidence in math and science.   My experience at Camp Reach has given me a better appreciation for the engineering profession, and how critical STEM careers are in today’s world.”

Tracy Lawrence
Mathematics teacher
Mountview Middle School
Holden, Massachusetts 

Praise from campers... 

“I learned a lot that summer and not just about STEM. I learn about myself and the options that were open to me. With a solid cornerstone set by Camp Reach, I gained problem-solving skills and confidence to carry me anywhere…Now out of college, I am a mechanical engineer—and I continue to mentor women in engineering both inside and outside of work.”

Jenelle Pope, Camp Reach ’97, WPI ’07, RPI, ‘09
Mechanical Engineer, Sikorsky Aircraft

“As a soon-to-be seventh grader in 1999, I had no prior knowledge about engineering, and I knew very little about technology. Camp Reach opened my mind to the possibilities…Camp Reach does a phenomenal job mentoring young girls and exposing them to math, science, and engineering principles that are not typically taught in schools. One of my favorite aspects is that campers stay involved in the program for years after they finish camp.”

Samantha Wilner, Camp Reach ’99
Pursuing a PhD in the biomedical sciences at Albert Einstein College of Medicine 

“One workshop that stands out in my mind taught us about the engineering design cycle and the engineering process…we made shoes! It was amazing for me to consider how much thought and work had gone into the design and construction of my sneaker. We learned how real scientists design materials, biomedical engineers ensure the ergonomics of the shoe, and other engineers jump in and add their thoughts and insights.”

Mariah Eldredge, Camp Reach ‘04
A biomedical engineering major at WPI

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