Crime Scene Science

Grade Level:  Entering 6-8  
Cost: $595 (includes lunch)

Choose Session 1 or 2
Session 1: July 20-24, 2015
Session 2: July 27-31, 2015

Solve a Crime

As part of the on-site crime investigation team, you'll collect evidence, interrogate witnesses, and process materials found at the crime scene in our biology and chemistry labs. Through hands-on laboratory analysis, you'll begin to amass evidence.  You'll need to be on your toes when you conduct your first interview with the witnesses and/or suspects. The pressure is on as you spend the week exploring this crime.   Are the witnesses being truthful?   Are their observations accurate?  On the final day, you'll meet with a  legal expert who will brief you on your options.  Can you figure out whodunit—and can you prove it? 

title="Sample schedule for Crime Scene Science">View a sample schedule from our 2013 program

Women in Science

Grab your lab coat and safety glasses. See where science can take you with WPI’s Women in Science Summer.

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