Humanities & Arts Workshops

Humanities and Arts workshop details for Frontiers Session I are listed below. When applying, rank your top three choices for your humanities and arts workshop. Learn more about the Frontiers Session I STEM programs.

American History Through Film and the Internet

This course combines film sources, class discussion, and internet research. Material covered will focus on four central themes: work, leisure/recreation, the urban environment, and American politics. For each of the four modules, you'll view films on the central theme, research the theme using Internet sources, and discuss your findings and conclusions with the class.

Art of Science

What are the boundaries between art and science? Does the distinction matter? Beginning with the Middle Ages, this course will explore the impact of science and technology throughout art history. Topics to be considered include the engineering of the great Gothic cathedrals; the development of linear perspective; scientific illustration; photography, light, and optics; nature and the environment; robotics; the science behind Cubism and abstract art; the influence of invention, exploration, and scientific discovery on techniques and materials, and more. No previous art experience necessary

Cinematic Storytelling

The course explores the dramatic principles of storytelling, how to translate story ideas into screenplay format, and how the screenplay is used as a basis for shooting a film. The class will develop a short story idea together, following dramatic principles and using an underlying theme as a guide to the story development process. The class will then learn how to convert the screenplay into storyboards and a shot list, conveying the important ideas through cinematic images and compelling dialog. 

Creative Writing

Conduct a series of experiments with words, imagination, and ideas: fiction or nonfiction prose, poetry, or playscript. What you create will depend on your group members, the Frontiers experience, and what you've been writing along the way.

Digital Painting

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn the art of digital imaging using state of the art software and computer technology. Techniques covered will include photo manipulation, digital painting and illustration.

Elements of Writing

Investigate what happens when an author chooses certain vocabulary, sentence structure, and overall organization. This approach will help you improve the expository writing you will have to do in college. You will also be given an opportunity to write college application essays in which you may reveal your individuality. You are encouraged to bring with you topics that appear on admission forms for colleges where you intend to apply.

Global Environmental Problems

Explore global challenges and the changing U.S. role in the world. In this workshop, students will reflect on global issues, participate in discussion, and immerse themselves in role-playing simulations about international issues. At the end of this process, students will frame their own recommendations for the U.S. response to selected contemporary problems.


Participate in music activities and rehearse daily in an instrumental ensemble appropriate for your instrument. Perform in a concert at the conclusion of the program, presented in conjunction with the drama activities. Music selected will vary in style from jazz to pop to classical. Any student interested will also have the opportunity to improvise in a jazz setting.

Popular Perspectives on Law

Legal matters have a pervasive influence throughout our culture - this course examines the most important aspects of law in that context. Specifically, we consider both the structure and function of law, discussing how law works and analyzing the substance of many of its most critical areas. Active student participation a key part of this course - you will learn not just from lectures, but by doing. You will gain a sound perspective and practical knowledge relative to law both through work in the classroom and by a field trip to court to observe proceedings.


Psychological science is the experimental study of human thought and behavior in order to understand why people do what they do. The goal of this Frontiers experience is to provide insight into psychological science and also its application to the real world, other sciences, and engineering. To do so, this course will offer a broad introduction to different topics in psychological science, such as the brain, development, sensations and perceptions, thinking, learning, memory, psychological disorders, and our social environment. Students in this course will learn about these different topics, participate in hands-on activities, and conduct research projects.


Produce a show from soup to nuts in less than two weeks. Set the stage, play the role, dress the part, hang the lights, record the sound, and more. Explore a wide variety of theatrical exercises and techniques, including warm-ups, expressive movement exercises, collective improvisation, and interpretive reading. Put theory into practice by making an audience laugh, cry, and maybe even think. On stage or back stage, there is a role for all.

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