Frontiers II

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Frontiers Session II offers the opportunity to participate Robotics,  Engineering Exploration, Global Sustainability, or the Women's Leadership Academy.



In this program you will immerse yourself in robotics engineering and discovering the science and technology behind robot design and operations. You'll learn sensor operations, programming, pneumatics, and manufacturing techniques and use this information to solve a challenging robotics problem. Each subgroup in the session will brainstorm, design, build, and test its own creation. During the week you'll spend time outside of the lab exploring important business aspects of robotics including marketing, entrepreneurship, management, and teamwork skills. The chance to show your team's design superiority will come when robots meet for the climactic end-of-session tournament! This session is particularly useful in preparing participants for entry or leadership within their high school's robotics team.

Engineering Exploration

Students will explore engineering careers and learn about the various engineering disciplines such as-- civil, electrical/computer, mechanical, industrial, biomedical** through hands-on activities and projects.  This Frontiers track will emphasize the role of engineers as creative problem solvers making a difference in society. Participants will also learn how best to prepare in high school to major in engineering in college. ** Engineering disciplines shown are based on faculty and staff availability and are subject to change. Participants will not choose specific disciplines but will be preassigned to tracks based on availability.

Global Sustainability

You will explore the concept of sustainability and its application to some of our very basic human needs: energy, food, and water, as well as implications for the built and natural environments. You will learn about cutting-edge technologies in this area, and be given the opportunity to conduct experiments and visit with professionals that utilize these concepts in their everyday lives as scientists, educators, and farmers. The program culminates with a group project in which you are asked to define sustainability and offer improved ideas for the future.

Students interested in issues of global sustainability might want to consider attending the Frontiers I Environmental and Sustainability Studies or Civil and Environmental Engineering sessions.

Women's Leadership Academy: Setting Your Future Direction

This is a catalyst to train and prepare young women to set goals for studies and a career in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and/ or management. In this program, you will discover your dreams and destiny for college plans through goal setting and exploring career paths in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and/or management; understand your individual strengths, interests, and beliefs and how they create a foundation for your future job skills; develop your personal compass based on the habits of successful people and how a positive belief system has the power to create opportunities; learn financial literacy, time management skills, communication skills, and ways to find scholarship opportunities; and scope out your short-term goals, long-term goals and your life vision of success. Through classroom-based enrichment activities, you will learn how to plan and lead yourself with your next steps for college. Panel discussions with current WPI students and WPI alumni and staff will offer you the opportunities to explore what others have learned as they created their future direction. This is a great option for women who would like to attend both Frontiers I and II.

Frontiers session II will run July 19-31, 2015

Session II participants may also participate in Session I.

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