Registration Process

Step 1:  Please begin by checking the individual program pages for specific requirements.

Some programs only require the completion of an online registration form, while others require the submission of supporting documentation, such as a  teacher recommendation or a school transcript.  These items can be sent in to our office after you've submitted your online application.   

Step 2:  Log on to our online registration system

Program registration is done online.  You can click on the “Register Now” or “reserve your space” links on any of our program pages to go directly to our registration site.  Please note that you will be required to set up a new username/password for each program application/registration that you wish to access.  This will allow you to stop and resume your application/registration without losing any information already provided – you can log out and log back in.   A unique set of questions may be triggered by the program choice on the registration form, so you must complete a separate registration for each program that you are interested in.  The only exception is if you plan to register the same child for more than one sports camp – please contact our office and we will provide a simple form for the subsequent sports registrations.  

Please note that each username can be used for only one application and requires the use of a unique email address.  Within each registration we ask for an email address that you check regularly, to which we will direct all of our communications.   This email address does not need to be the same address that you used to create your username/password.

After you complete our online registration form (or are accepted to an application-based program), here’s what else you’ll need to provide:

Step 3:  If applying to a program that requires additional documentation, please send us your supporting submissions.

Items can be emailed to, faxed to 508-831-5694, or mailed to WPI Summer Programs, ATTN: Suzette Santiago, 100 Institute Rd, Worcester, MA 01609.

Step 4: Provide Tuition Payment for registration based program or after acceptance to application-based program.

Due within 10 business days of registration or acceptance to a program and can be made online.

Step 5:  Provide documentation of Physical Exam and Immunization Record

Please fax, email or mail a physical with immunization record (dated from within the last two years) to our office.  Any format that your pediatrician's office uses is acceptable.  We do not require a specialized form.

Step 6: Provide Photo of Participant

If you are attending an academic summer program (non-sports camp), we require you to submit a photo of the participant so that we can create a WPI ID card prior to your arrival.  Ideally, the photo should be uploaded as part of the online registration, but it may also be emailed directly to our mailbox.  Photo should be head and shoulders only, and the participant should not be wearing a hat, sunglasses or any other accessory that prevents a clear view of the face. 

Step 7:  Check your email for updates from WPI Summer Programs! 

All correspondence is sent via email.

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