Registration Process

Step 1:  Review our website for program offerings.

Step 2:  Log on to our online registration system

Program registration begins online in February.  In addition to the completion of our online registration/application form, attendance at all programs requires the submission of a physical with immunization record, and some require a head and shoulders photo for a WPI ID card.  In addition, many of our application-based programs also require the applicant to follow-up with the submission of supporting documentation, such as a  teacher recommendation or a school transcript.   You will receive a checklist of items required for you program. 

Step 3:  If applying to a program that requires the submission of transcripts or letters of recommendation, please request that they be submitted to complete your application.

Step 4: Provide Tuition Payment for registration based program or after acceptance to application-based program.

Due within 10 business days of registration or acceptance to a program and can be made online.

Step 5:  Check your email for updates from WPI Summer Programs! 

All correspondence is sent via email.

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