Areas of Study

Biology for All: Citizen Science

 Become part of the scientific community, contributing your findings to databases of information gathered by people across the country including students like you! Help us develop web sites and social media to encourage your friends and classmates to become citizen scientists as well. Carry out your own scientific investigation based on soil ecology and learn about the microscopic creatures that inhabit our environment and what they have to teach us. At the end of the week, share your findings along with some homemade liquid nitrogen ice cream with your family.


Have you ever wanted to work with bubbling flasks of colored concoctions? Ever think about engineering DNA or proteins? In our chemistry and biochemistry lab, you'll alter liquids at the flick of a wrist, wield light and electricity, and cut and splice genes to create creatures that glow. By week's end you'll be dazzling your friends and family with your newfound talents!

Computer Science

In this program you will explore some of the diverse areas of computer science. You will learn some programming basics and apply them to a project such as creating a personal Web page on a cloud platform. You will be able to select a path that best matches your own interests by completing several self-paced tutorial modules under the supervision of the course staff.

Engineering Technology

Do you ever wonder how things are made? Manufacturing engineering determine how many things are made from the case for your cell phone to the wheels on your bike to the robots used in automated factories. In this workshop, you will explore WPI's state-of-the-art manufacturing laboratories as you learn about advanced automation techniques. You'll work hands-on with various pieces of equipment, emphasizing sage manufacturing practices, to design and build components that will come together as a functional assembly by the end of the week.

Environmental Modeling

Learn about the concept of sustainability in complex systems through use of computer models, online simulations, and hand-on games. You will gain a new perspective on some of the toughest environmental problems we face today and learn what we can do to bring our use of natural resources into balance. Together with the Creative Learning Resource Center, WPI offers you the chance to learn a whole new way of thinking about our environment. What happens when we don’t balance our use of natural resources? How do we regulate industries for sustainability? What part does climate play? You will start to explore the answers to these questions and more through computer modeling and hands-on activities!

Interactive Media & Game Development

Want to know how computer games are made? You'll learn how to use a 3-D video game engine to create a game with graphics, sound, and animation. You'll work in teams to undertake hands-on lab exercises to understand important computer science and artistic design concepts related to interactive media. By the end of the week, you will have created a project demonstrating your newfound skills with cool graphics and amazing animation, complete with audio and interactivity.

Intro to Computer-Aided Design

Dive into the world of computer-aided design.  Discover how the engineers, designers, and architects craft computer models of real parts and systems.  Join in discussions and demonstrations, visit the WPI machine shop and design and build a component of your own. 


Discover the science and technology of this exciting field. You'll learn about mechanical design, sensors, and programming. You'll build designs using Vex robots and program them using easyC. Challenging robotics problems will culminate in a competition between student groups at the end of the week.