Leadership Academy for Young Women

Grade Level:  Girls Entering 8-10 Cost: $895 (includes meals and housing)
July 20-25

Application:  CLOSED

Application Deadline: Qualified applicants will be admitted on a "rolling" basis;  The application will be available until April 30, unless the program fills before then. Applicants will be notified of an acceptance decision within 2 weeks of receipt of their application.  


Follow in the footsteps of inspirational women who have changed our world with their leadership ability.

Build Confidence and Learn from Women in Leadership

WPI has a strong curriculum component in our MBA program in an area referred to as “aesthetic leadership,” which studies leadership as a performing art. The Leadership Academy is a program that uses this theme to study, understand, demonstrate, practice, and refine leadership qualities.

  • Presentation skills are critical for leadership, so the girls are required to develop and deliver compelling presentations with a purpose: a political campaign, a play performance, and a presentation on a prolific woman.
  • Good research skills and knowledge of “prior art” are critically important to our future leaders. After a research skills session at our Gordon Library, the girls will use these tools to create a political campaign and run an election, and to learn how strong storylines and creative casting can be implemented for their play performance.
  • It is critical for our future leaders to understand how to put their ideas and decisions in context. The political campaign and election lead to the creation of laws. How do these decisions impact the community for example? Do they benefit some and harm others?
  • Project Management experience allows our leadership to envision how, when and by whom a task will be accomplished. Equally important, it also allows them to plan for when something goes wrong! The casting for the play performance serves as a metaphor for “choosing the right person for the job.”

Throughout the program, the girls work in teams to achieve goals that have observable outcomes, all while developing their leadership qualities with the guidance of our program director, Professor Helen Vassallo. Click here for Dr. Vassallo’s faculty profile.

The girls will also enjoy additional activities and events in the evenings for a well-rounded WPI experience.

Family and friends are invited to join us for the play performance and poster presentation at the program’s conclusion!

An essay is required as part of our online application:  “Please write a one-page essay explaining why you want to attend this program at WPI." 

Exploring our World with Engineering Software

What can you build with a computer? How do you turn the design into reality? Will it work?

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Have Questions?

Contact Summer Programs:
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609-2280 
Phone: +1-508-831-4900
Fax: +1-508-831-5694

Please Note:

Play performances and a poster presentation will be held on Friday afternoon for your family and friends.

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