TA Program Policies

Important TA Program Policies

  • Staff members are not allowed to invite outside guests to the residence hall or to campus during the program.
  • In accordance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989, WPI prohibits the unlawful possession, use, and/or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on its property and/or as part of its activities.
  • Smoking is forbidden in all WPI buildings, and we add our own rule that smoking is not allowed in view of campers.
  • TAs are expected to be fully engaged in assisting and supervising campers between 8am-5pm, and in being a good role model at all times. Being effective at the position requires hard work and dedication!
  • TAs are not allowed to carry cell phones during the day or to use them in front of campers at any time. Cell phones can be used during TAs’ free time in the evenings. The reasoning behind this policy is that campers are not allowed to bring cell phones to camp. We also want to keep the focus on the program and the campers.
  • Evening policies: The RAs will have supervisory responsibility for the campers and TAs will participate in activities with campers. TAs are expected to participate in the evening activities with the campers, unless you are not feeling well or have another reason for not participating. These reasons can be discussed with the After Hours Coordinator or an RA. “Signing out” as to your whereabouts is required, and TAs must sign back in to the residence hall by 9pm. To be consistent with other WPI programs for high school students, TAs will not be allowed to leave campus on their own during free time in the evenings. Violation of this policy will result in expulsion from the program.
  • TA’s are asked not to be disruptive to other summer programs taking place on campus at the same time as Camp Reach and are not allowed to participate in activities for other programs unless specifically allowed by Reach Directors.
  • Quiet time in the evening begins at 9pm. Lights out for campers is 9:30pm, and for TAs is 11pm.
  • With parental permission, TAs will be taken off campus as a group by a senior staff member one night each week for an activity of their choice within the local area. The cost of these “TA Nights Out” will be covered by the program, as a token of our appreciation for this volunteer activity.


Violation of any of these policies may result in expulsion from the program. If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office at +1-5508-831-5286 or e-mail reach@wpi.edu.

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