Manuscript Collections

Although “manuscript” literally means written by hand, manuscript collections often contain a variety of materials—including unpublished works such as speeches, correspondence, lectures, notebooks, financial records, drawings, typescripts, clippings, and more. The term also applies to the personal papers of an individual or family, drafts of scholarly articles or research data, or a collection brought together because of its subject content. 

Our Manuscript Collections contain both WPI history-related works and others not related to WPI. Links open full text of finding aid, which provide in-depth descriptions of the content of a collection.

Guide # Collection Notes Class of Subject
MS 1 Dickens, Charles Humanities
MS 2 Brown, Theophilus Theo Brown Diaries 1901 Humanities
MS 3 Morgan, Charles H. Mechanical Engineering, Worcester History
MS 5 Kent, Rockwell Humanities
MS 6 Emmons, Howard W. Harvard Professor, "Father of Modern Fire Safety Science" Fire Protection Engineering
MS 8 Woodbury & Co. Mechanical Engineering, Worcester History
MS 9 Black, Harold S. Bell Laboratories - Negative feedback theory 1921 Electrical Engineering
MS 10 Tymeson, Mildred M. Author of Two Towers Humanities
MS 11 Worcester Engineering Society
MS 12 Atwater Kent Papers 1899 Electrical Engineering
MS 13 Hagopian, Jacob J. IBM - Magnetic flying head, magnetic strips 1939 Electrical Engineering
MS 14 Goddard, Robert & Esther 1908 Physics, Aerospace
MS 15 Iron Lore Video Game Collections
MS 16 Brandt, Josh Video Game Collections
MS 17 Video Game Collections Video Game Collections
MS 18 Goodman, Rick Video Game Collections
MS 19 Meretzky, Steve Video Game Collections
MS 20 Crompton and Knowles Loom Works At one time the largest manufacturer of looms in the world Mechanical Engineering, Worcester History
MS 23 Eldredge, Mark 1906
MS 24 Comins, Arthur C. 1893 Humanities
MS 24 Kuwada, Gompei
MS 25 MacCullough, Gleason H. Head, Dept. of M.E., Strength of materials 1918 Mechanical Engineering
MS 26 Washburn, Ichabod Worcester History
MS 27 Salisbury Family Worcester History
MS 28 Coombs, Zelotes History of WPI from beginning to 1930s Humanities, Worcester History
MS 29 Spencer Wire Company
MS 30 Hooper, Leslie J. Professor, Director of Alden Laboratories 1924 Mechanical Engineering
MS 31 Smith, Harold B. Head, Dept. of E.E., Professor 1896-1932 Electrical Engineering
MS 32 Kunitz, Stanley Poet Laureate of the United States Humanities
MS 33 Browning, Robert Humanities
MS 34 Gitin, David and Maria Correspondence. David is a poet Humanities
MS 35 Lewis, Edith
MS 36 Carlson, E. Waldemar Owner of Bryton Chemical Company 1930 Chemical Engineering
MS 37 Anderson, Fred Professor - Stress analysis, materials testing 1942 Mechanical Engineering
MS 38 Hammond, Thom Professor 1959-1981 Mechanical Engineering
MS 39 Osterberg, Harold Physics, Aerospace
MS 41 Duff, A. Wilmer Professor Physics 1893-1936, textbook author, viscosity, acoustics, tidal phenomena, cathode rays Physics, Aerospace
MS 42 Taylor, Donald W.
Society of Professional Communicators
Professor MIT in Soil Mechanics, consultant 1922 Civil Engineering
MS 43 Roys, Francis
Roys, Alden
Professor 1910-1960, Dean and Acting WPI President twice. Wrote a history of WPI up to the 1960s 1909 Humanities, Mechanical Engineering
MS 44 Reeve, Leroy Norman Hydroelectric power plants, dams, U.S. & Japan 1906 Civil Engineering, Humanities
MS 45 Paul Anderson Papers Quabbin Reservoir & Lincoln Square Projects 1930 Chemical Engineering
MS 46 Cote, Jeffrey Humanities, Worcester History
MS 47 Chen, Sarcey Died in China in resistance against Japanese 1924 Humanities
MS 48 Brenner, Bernard Sculptor Humanities
MS 49 Goddard, Dwight Buddhist 1940 Humanities
MS 50 Quabbin Reservoir Collection Civil Engineering, Worcester History
MS 52 Whitcomb, Richard T. NASA inventor 1943 Physics, Aerospace
MS 53 George G. Meyer Manufacturing Company George G. Meyer Mfg. Co., bottling company, from James Maloney 1946 Mechanical Engineering
MS 54 Lucht, David First Professor and Head of Dept, F.P.E. Fire Protection Engineering
MS 55 Pearsall, Duane Developer of home smoke detector Fire Protection Engineering
MS 56 Medwin, Herman Humanities
MS 57 Sage, Joseph Professor of Civil Engineering Civil Engineering
MS 58 Thomas Card Camera Collection   1920  
MS 59 Highberg, Carle 1944 Physics, Aerospace
MS 60 Howe, James Forrest BS 1899, MS 1906 1944 Mechanical Engineering
MS 61  Betty Hoskins Papers First WPI tenure-track female professor   Life Sciences
MS 62 A. Frederick Griffin Collection  Engineer for St. Lawrence Seaway  1914    Civil Engineering
MS 63 Higgins Family Papers M. P. Higgins was first superintendent of Washburn Shops, 3 generations of men involved with Norton Company   Mechanical Engineering
MS 64  Francis, Alfred W.

Research department at Socony Mobil Oil Co. 

1917 Chemistry 
MS 65     Christopher Sotak Professor, pioneer in medical use of MRI    Biomedical Engineering
MS 66 Robert J. Harvey Collection Entrepreneur, CEO of Thoratec Corp., maker of Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) Ph.D. 1970 Biomedical Engineering
MS 67 Allan Glazer Collection Founder of Honematic Machine Corp., maker of lunar “leg” for Apollo 11 Moon Landing. 1947  Mechanical Engineering
MS 68 Edward N. Clarke Papers Co-founder of National Semiconductor Corporation; WPI Administration and Faculty; Director of Solar Energy Center.   Physics and Solar Energy
MS 69 Bernard Jonas  Worked for Riley Stoker Co.   Mechanical Engineering
MS 70 William R. Grogan Collection WPI Dean of Undergraduate Education 1970-1990. 1945 Electrical Engineering
MS 71 Rockwood Sprinkler Company Collection Founder, Rockwood Sprinkler Co. 1888 Fire Protection Engineering
MS 72 Henry R. Poplawski Papers Scrapbook for U.S. Army Air Corps class  1939  Aerospace 
MS 74 George N. Jeppson Papers  Norton Company President  1897 Mechanical Engineering 
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