Phase 1: Steering Committee & Task Forces

Task Force Reports

The Steering Committee has named thirteen task forces, each with a chair, a liason to the Steering Committee, and its own unique charge. Clicking on the name of a task force will bring up the complete report submitted by that task force to the Steering Committee.

Robert Voss, Admissions and Financial Aid (chair); Sharon Johnson, Management, Stephen Jasperson, Physics, Blanche Pringle, Minority Affairs and Outreach Programs,Tom Thomsen, Student Life, Laurea Diaz '99 and Timothy Adams '98 (members); Stephen Weininger, Chemistry and Biochemistry (liaison).
Educational Technologies
Pennie Turgeon, Instructional Media Center (chair); Norman Wilkinson, Graduate Management Programs, McRae Banks, Management, Nicholas Dembsey, Fire Protection Engineering, Babak Najafi, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Richard Sisson and Natalie Acuña, Manufacturing Engineering (members); Chick Kasouf, Management (liaison).
Financial Resources and Incentives
James Hanlan, Humanities and Arts (chair); John O'Connor, Social Science and Policy Studies, Denise Rodino, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Judi Trainor, Business Affairs (members); John Heyl, University Relations (liaison).
Global Opportunities
Richard Vaz, Electrical and Computer Engineering (chair); Marché Haddad and Susan Vernon-Gerstenfeld, Interdisciplinary and Global Studies, John Zeugner, Humanities and Arts, and Matthew Arner '98 (members); James Demetry, Electrical and Computer Engineering (liaison).
Graduate Program
William Durgin, associate provost for academic affairs (chair); Craig Wills, Computer Science, David Lucht, Fire Protection Engineering, Lisa Jernberg, Graduate Admissions, and Amy Marr, Graduate Studies (members); David Cyganski, Electrical and Computer Engineering (liaison).
Information Infrastructure
David Finkel, Computer Science (chair); Nikolaos Gatsonis and Siamak Najafi, Mechanical Engineering, Donald Richardson, Gordon Library, Kari Blinn, Projects and Registrar's, Judi Trainor, Business Affairs, Gregory Shapiro, College Computer Center, and Jeevan Ramapriya '98 (members); John Orr, Electrical and Computer Engineering (liaison).
Learning Environment and Campus Culture
Jonathan Barnett, Fire Protection Engineering, Chrysanthe Terwilliger, Mechanical Engineering, Philip Clay, Residential Services, Gloria Taylor-Neal, Minority Affairs and Outreach Programs, Nathan Wittasek and Pia Haugerud, graduate students, and Tamara Samuels '99 (members); Janet Richardson, Student Life (liaison).
New Programs
Helen Vassallo, Management (chair); Ron Cheetham, Biology and Biotechnology, Peter Hansen, Humanities and Arts, Keith Melvin, UNIX certificate student, Arlene Lowenstein, Continuing Education, Guillermo Salazar, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Michael Malchiodi '98 (members); Susan Vick, Humanities and Arts (liaison).
Outcome Assessment and Feedback
William Farr, Mathematical Sciences (chair); Natalie Acuna, Realization Consortium, Manufacturing Engineering; Tom Balistrieri, Student Development and Counseling Center; William M. Clark, Chemical Engineering; Lance Schachterle, assistant provost for academic affairs, and Christopher Milici '99 (members); James Doyle, Social Science and Policy Studies (liason).
Pre-College Outreach
Denise Nicoletti, Electrical and Computer Engineering (chair); Gale Nigrosh, Worcester Public Schools, John Durkin, Massachusetts Academy, and William Grogan, dean emeritus of undergraduate studies (members); John Heyl, University Relations (acting liaison).
Project Based Education and Cooperative Learning
Nicholas Kildahl, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Satya Shivkumar, Manufacturing Engineering (co-chairs); Ruth Smith, Humanities and Arts, Arthur Heinricher, Mathematical Sciences, and Charles Kornik, Academic Programs (members); Herrick Haenisch, Mechanical Engineering (liaison).
Mark Richman, Mechanical Engineering (chair); Robert Thompson, Chemical Engineering, JoAnn Manfra, Humanities and Arts, Tahar El-Korchi, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Douglas Johnston, Research Administration, and Judith Miller, Biology and Biotechnology (members); John Carney III, Academic Affairs (liaison).
Support Services
Louis Curran, Humanities and Arts (chair); Frank Noonan, Management, Frank Conti, Business Affairs, Kari Blinn, Projects and Registrar's, Monica Inzer, Admissions, Jennifer Yambert '97 and Matthew Freimuth '98 (members); Helen Shuster, Gordon Library (liaison).


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Steering Committee

The members of the WPI Steering Committee are:

  • Stephen Weininger (chair), Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • John Carney III, Provost
  • David Cyganski, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • James Demetry, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • James K. Doyle, Social Science and Policy Studies
  • Herrick Haenisch, GS Mechanical Engineering
  • John Heyl, University Relations
  • Chick Kasouf, Management
  • Jeremy Olszewski, MAC '97
  • John Orr, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Janet Richardson, Student Life
  • Helen Shuster, Gordon Library
  • Susan Vick, Humanities and Arts

To communicate with the committee, send email to