President Parrish's Memo to Faculty & Staff

WPI Strategic Planning - Memorandum to the WPI Community

Date: February 8, 1999
To: WPI Faculty and Staff
From: Edward Alton Parrish
Subject: Planning Document

Version 6 of the draft strategic planning document that will be distributed to the Board of Trustees next week is available at Use your normal CCC user name and password to gain access. I wanted you to have a preview of where we are in its development before the Board meeting.

The document is comprehensive and specific, with measurable steps towards achieving our vision for WPI. Section 1 provides context for the plan; Section 2 is the strategic plan itself; Section 3 ultimately will contain the underlying financial plan; and the appendices provide additional data upon which certain objectives are based.

It is still a work in progress and much remains to be done. While we have estimates for the costs of most of the actions proposed, they have not yet all been included in our budgeting. As we complete the five-year operating and capital budgets (for Section 3), these costs will be accounted for and these budgets will determine how many and how soon various activities can be undertaken. This will be an iterative process to help us set priorities; it is likely that some actions may be delayed or even eliminated in that process.

I anticipate completing a final draft in time for the May Meeting of the Board.

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