Print Worcester: Documenting Worcester's Printing Industry

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A Documentary Heritage Project sponsored by:

Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, William Francis Galvin
Massachusetts Historical Records Advisory Board
National Historical Publications and Records Commission


This project identified repositories in Worcester County which have printing company records, such as business records, promotional materials, catalogs and photographs. These records are briefly described on the web site, along with some historical information about the companies.


Just before the Battle of Lexington in April, 1775, Isaiah Thomas moved his press and types from Boston to Worcester, where he continued to print The Massachusetts Spy, which promoted the patriot cause. From this illustrious beginning, the printing industry in Worcester County grew, with many local newspapers, and with book and pamphlet printing throughout the 1800s. For much of the 20th Century, specialized companies such as Woodbury and Whitney found markets for their products, and book and envelope printing companies thrived.
The printing industry provided jobs for thousands of people.
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See photographs of presses and printing company buildings in the Worcester Brief Histories section.

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