Strategic Plan Implementation Report on Outcome Objectives

Each Outcome Objective of the Strategic Plan has a timeline associated with it. The dates in the last column indicate the last date on which either action was taken on that item or on which more information was made available.

Goal 1: Enhance the Quality of WPI's Academic Programs
Objective 1.1: Fully develop the WPI Plan around an "honors college" metaphor at all levels.
Increase faculty size FY00-FY10 10/31/2002
Undergraduate Program Ranking FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Enhance IQP FY00-FY02 10/31/2002
Planning for first-year experience FY00-FY01 10/31/2002
Fund 2 graduate students at project center FY01 10/31/2002
Review Sufficiency experience FY00-FY02 COMPLETED
Provide business perspective FY00-FY10 10/31/2002
Objective 1.2: Develop aligned incentives for faculty and staff to promote action plans.
Close faculty salary gap FY00-FY05 10/31/2002
Increase minorities and women on faculty FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Compensate staff against CUPU benchmarks FY00-FY05 10/31/2002
Review promotion and tenure criteria FY00-FY02 10/31/2002
Expand recognition programs for outstanding performance FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Support professional development for staff FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Objective 1.3: Provide increasing opportunities for student involvement in research.
Undergraduate summer stipends FY00-FY03 10/31/2002
Graduate research fellowships FY00-FY10 10/31/2002
Objective 1.4: Maintain contemporary teaching laboratories.
Planning for equipment and instrumentation renewal FY01 10/31/2002
Give priority to teaching lab renovations FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Goal 2: Develop WPI's Position as a National University
Objective 2.1: Improve the quality and diversity of the student body.
Fund Admissions Office FY00 10/31/2002
Fund five new merit scholarships FY00-FY04 COMPLETED
Attract high quality graduate students FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Summer programs for minorities and women FY00-FY05 COMPLETED
Attain desired freshmen distribution FY11 10/31/2002
Attain desired undergraduate program distribution FY11 10/31/2002
Objective 2.2: Support the faculty's efforts in research and scholarship.
Build thrust areas FY00-FY10 10/31/2002
Five endowed chairs FY00-FY04 10/31/2002
AACSB accreditation for Management FY00-FY02 10/31/2002
Develop new workload model FY00-FY02 10/31/2002
Increase annual research expenditures FY00-FY06 10/31/2002
Increase number of full time graduate students FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Achieve improved NRC ranking FY00-FY06 10/31/2002
Achieve Doctoral Universities I status FY00-FY11 IRRELEVANT
Establish Research Development Council FY00 COMPLETED
Increase research incentives FY02 10/31/2002
Create plan for developing intellectual property FY00 10/31/2002
Develop guidelines for undergraduate and graduate research FY00-FY01 COMPLETED
Temporary use of Salisbury Estates FY00-FY01 COMPLETED
Objective 2.3: Develop creative partnerships with industry, organizations and other universities.
Proposal for Center for Bioscience and Bioengineering FY00 COMPLETED
Create comprehensive project centers FY00-FY02 10/31/2002
Develop and implement MOUs with universities near project centers FY00 10/31/2002
Explore cooperation with Babson and Olin FY00 10/31/2002
Objective 2.4: Continue to develop a comprehensive base of programs through aligned resource allocations.
Increase opportunities in humanities and arts FY00 COMPLETED
Continue Reengineering Steering Committee efforts FY00 10/31/2002
Review academic programs FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Nurture relationships with alumni FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Establish Program Advisory Board FY00 ELIMINATED ISSUE
Objective 2.5: Expand opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous networked learning.
Develop business plan for ADLN FY00 10/31/2002
ADLN enrollments budget neutral relative to on-campus FY00 10/31/2002
Establish incentive policy FY00 COMPLETED
Objective 2.6: Conduct a comprehensive image-building and marketing effort.
Develop comprehensive marketing plan FY01 COMPLETED
Review marketing materials for consistency FY01 COMPLETED
Produce annual research reports FY00-FY11 COMPLETED
Aggresively publicize WPI FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Goal 3: Establish WPI as a Leader in Global Technological Education
Objective 3.1: Expand participation by students and faculty in Global Projects Program.
Global Projects Program Fund FY00-FY04 10/31/2002
Faculty Development Fund FY01-FY04 COMPLETED
Fully leverage global project sites FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Conduct study of undergraduate program components FY00-FY01 10/31/2002
Evaluate international studies enhancement FY00-FY01 10/31/2002
Evaluate potential Center for Global Technology and Culture FY00-FY01 COMPLETED
Objective 3.2: Make the transition from multinational sites to a global system.
Pilot project team from multiple sites FY00 10/31/2002
Develop plan for global system using themes FY00-FY01 10/31/2002
Goal 4: Improve WPI's Campus Culture and Community Presence
Objective 4.1: Construct and renovate facilities to accommodate social and academic activites and solve the parking problem.
Construct Campus Center FY00-FY01 COMPLETED
Raise endowed operating fund FY00-FY03
Construct academic building FY00-FY02 10/31/2002
Develop parking plan and implement FY00-FY02 10/31/2002
Renovations and relocations of offices and staff FY02-FY04 10/31/2002
Evaluate use of Salisbury Estates for student housing FY00 COMPLETED
Objective 4.2: Improve ethnic & gender diversity on campus.
Assess climate FY00 10/31/2002
Multicultural Affairs position FY01 COMPLETED
Objective 4.3: Provide a safe environment for our community that fosters learning and development with appropriate alternatives to alcohol and drug abuse.
Programming addressing alcohol and drug abuse FY00 10/31/2002
Determine need for additional lighting and install FY00 COMPLETED
Objective 4.4: Expand efforts to meet needs of adult learners.
Proposal for Division of Continuing Studies FY00-FY01 COMPLETED
Create business plan for housing Continuing Studies in new academic building FY99 COMPLETED
Extend distance learning activities FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Expand opportunities for adult learners in Worcester FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Investigate offering for-credit undergraduate courses and graduate certificate programs FY00 10/31/2002
Objective 4.5: Enhance the Career Development Center.
Evaluate staffing needs and respond FY00-FY01 COMPLETED
Submit plan for supporting alumni FY00 COMPLETED
Create and maintain alumni mentoring Web site FY00 COMPLETED
Study potential video conferencing and interviewing facility FY00-FY01 COMPLETED
Objective 4.6: Maintain facilities and surrounding peripheral properties according to master plan.
Maintain rolling five-year maintenance plan FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Continue aggressive facility renewal funding program FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Be proactive in neighborhood FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Objective 4.7: Enhance support for K-12 system and the local community.
Worcester Community Project Center FY00-FY04 COMPLETED
Technology program for students and teachers FY00 COMPLETED
Outcome Objectives for Goal 5: Expand WPI's Educational Resources
Objective 5.1: Improve library holdings, services, and facilities.
Improve holdings and access to electronic materials FY00-FY10 10/31/2002
Find space for Mass Academy FY00-FY01 COMPLETED
Release Archives & Seminar Room FY01 COMPLETED
Create plan for archives facility FY00 10/31/2002
Review existing architectural reports for enhancing library FY00 10/31/2002
Explore digitizing options for older journals FY00 10/31/2002
Evaluate electronic submission of theses and dissertations FY00 COMPLETED
Develop Web-based information literacy pilot program FY00 COMPLETED
Create plan to meet needs at remote locations FY00 10/31/2002
Objective 5.2: Establish state-of-the-art computing resources and network performance.
Develop plan for upgrading wiring FY00 COMPLETED
Develop plan for periodic upgrades of servers and desktop computers FY00 10/31/2002
Develop plan for maintaining computer laboratories FY00 10/31/2002
Evaluate need to require freshmen purchase computers FY00-FY01 10/31/2002
Determine feasibility of off-campus Web access FY00 COMPLETED
Objective 5.3: Create and maintain sufficient electronic classrooms to support on- and off-campus programs.
Support for appropriate studio classrooms FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
Maintain notebook inventory for off-campus use FY00-04 10/31/2002
Renovate large classrooms FY00-FY01 10/31/2002
Construct Global Classroom FY00-FY03 10/31/2002
Internet2 software FY00-FY11 10/31/2002
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