About the Collection

The Woodbury & Co. Collection consists of 25 linear feet company memorial, dating from 1884 to 2001. Included are letterhead samples, proofs of woodblock and photogravure proofs and sky camera photographs. Also included are company records, photographs, scrapbooks, newsletters, and miscellaneous company artifacts. Most notable among the materials is a set of large bird's-eye-view hand-drawn renderings of factories and commercial buildings. 1884 to 2001. Please see the finding aid for a detailed description of the collection.

Digital Collection

The Woodbury & Co. Digital Collection consists of approximately 1000 digital images of the sample letterheads, the bird's-eye-view drawings, and the Woodbury & Co. newsletter. The letterheads were scanned in RGB color, 400 ppi at 800-pixel width, JPEG format. The bird's-eye-view drawings are represented in RGB color, 72 ppi at 8" x 10" dimension, JPEG format. The newsletters were scanned in grayscale in compressed Adobe PDF file.


Story of Woodbury Company: Interview with Kim Woodbury (WPI Class of 1947) from April 16, 2010
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