History of the Company

The Woodbury and Company Story is a history of the company written by Harold D. Woodbury, and later continued and edited by Kimball R. Woodbury, that dates from the company's founding in 1879 until its closing in 2002.

1879 Woodbury and Company is founded by John C. Woodbury with studio at Park Avenue residence, Worcester, Mass.

1880 John F. Kyes and John C. Woodbury form partnership; company name becomes Kyes and Woodbury.

1882 The first Industrial Plant Drawing is produced.

1898 Kyes retires; company name becomes Woodbury and Company.

1901 Herbert E. Carlton and John C. Woodbury form partnership; company name becomes Woodbury-Carlton Company.

1905 Photogravure letterheads are introduced as specialty item.

1907 Half-tone equipment installed.

1908 John E. Woodbury, son of founder John C. Woodbury and life-long friend of Dr. Robert H. Goddard, graduates from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and joins Woodbury and Company.

1910 Harold D. Woodbury joins Woodbury and Company.

1911 First die-stamping press is purchased.

1915 Sky camera is invented.

1924 New building constructed at Chadwick Square, Worcester, Mass.

1929 Woodbury and Company celebrates 50th birthday.

1933 1 million dollars in temporary currency or scrip is produced for Worcester Clearinghouse Association, City of Worcester, and M.J. Whittal Associates during the Great Depression.

1935 Lithography process is adopted.

1939 Agreement with the Washington Press to produce First Day Covers is made.

1947 Kimball R. Woodbury joins Woodbury and Company.

1949 Harold D. Woodbury becomes company president.

1952 Cronite Cup is won, starting Woodbury's winning streak of more than 30 industry awards for outstanding craftsmanship.

1956 Harold D. Woodbury is elected as President to Engraved Stationery Manufacturers Association.

1959 Stationery department owned by Forbes Lithograph Mfg. Co. is purchased.

1963 More than 1 million First Day Covers, honoring the late JFK are produced.

1966 Kimball R. Woodbury is elected president.

1967 Foil stamping is produced.

1970 David K. Woodbury joins Woodbury and Company.

1975 First generation of desgin department computers is installed.

1976 Peter H. Woodbury joins Woodbury and Company.

1977 Thermography is introduced.

1978 Benjamin C. Woodbury joins Woodbury and Company.

1978 Ceramic decal project is initiated.

1979 Computerized typesetting equipment is installed and electroplating facility is modernized.

1979 Woodbury and Company celebrates 100th birthday.

1983 Harold D. Woodbury officially retires at the age of 90 after 73 years of service.

1984 Ceramic decal project is ended.

1989 David K. Woodbury is elected president.

1994 Woodbury starts producing informal notecards for the White House.

1994 Thomas C. Woobury joins Woodbury and Company.

1997 David K. Woodbury is elected president of the Engraved Stationery Manufacturers Association.

2002 Woodbury and Company closes

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