Worcester Polytechnic Institute

A Planning Program for Worcester Polytechnic Institute: The Future of Two Towers - Part Four: A Plan


The Future of Two Towers, Part IV is a plan for Worcester Polytechnic Institute prepared by a committee elected by the faculty. The Plan is based on the Goal of the College, to encourage each student to develop an understanding of a sector of science and technology, a mature understanding of himself and of the needs of society.

A number of new academic concepts are introduced; the words used to describe these concepts are defined in a GLOSSARY. A SUMMARY outlines the general aspects and some of the specific details of the Plan. The RECOMMENDATIONS which the Planning Committee will present to the Faculty for discussion and action follow the SUMMARY.

Each aspect of the Plan is discussed in a separate chapter, as can be seen from the TABLE OF CONTENTS. The main body of the report concludes with estimates for the allotment of faculty time, suggested methods for implementing the Plan, and estimates of the costs of financing the various proposals.

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