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A Planning Program for Worcester Polytechnic Institute: The Future of Two Towers - Part Four: A Plan


The Calendar recommended consists of four seven-week Terms; a three-week January Intersession for a series of special, intensive seminars; and an optional seven-week summer Term.

Each Term consists of 35 class days followed by a recess of approximately five days. The first Term begins early in September; two Terms are completed before the Christmas recess of approximately two weeks; and the fourth Term is completed before the end of May. Three weeks are provided throughout the year for comprehensive evaluation and program review. To assist in visualizing the program, a proposed calendar for the academic year June 1971-June 1972 is presented below.

June 21 E Term (optional) opens
August 6 E Term closes
September 7-8 Orientation and registration for the new year
September 9 A Term opens
October 27 A Term closes
October 28-Nov. 1 Fall Recess
November 2 B Term opens
November 25-26 Thanksgiving Recess
December 22 B Term closes
December 23-Jan. 9 Christmas Recess
January 10 Intersession Orientation
January 11,12,13 Seminar Series A, Intersession
January 18,19,20 Seminar Series B. Intersession
January 25,26,27 Seminar Series C, Intersession
January 31-Feb. 4 Reserved for program and examination planning and evaluation
February 7 C Term opens
March 24 C Term closes
March 27-31 Spring Recess
April 3-7 Reserved for program and examination planning and evaluation
April 10 D Term opens
May 26 D Term ends
May 29-June 6 Reserved for evaluation
June 9 Graduation
June 19 E Term (optional) opens

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