Worcester Polytechnic Institute

A Planning Program for Worcester Polytechnic Institute: The Future of Two Towers - Part Three: A Model


It is the goal of Worcester Polytechnic Institute to bring into the second century of its existence a new, dynamic version of its great Two Tower tradition. In its first century WPI pioneered the integration of science and shop; in its second century WPI will pioneer in scientific service to society.

The WPI graduate of the future must have an understanding of a sector of science and technology and a mature understanding of himself and the needs of the people around him. While an under- graduate he must demonstrate that he can learn and can translate his learning into worthwhile action. He must learn to teach himself those things that are needed to make his actions socially significant. A WPI education should develop a strong degree of self-confidence, an eagerness to contribute to the community beyond oneself, and an intellectual restlessness, a spur to continued learning,

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