Worcester Polytechnic Institute

A Planning Program for Worcester Polytechnic Institute: The Future of Two Towers - Part Two


Since the issuance of its initial report, "The Future of Two Towers" (March, 1969), the President's Planning Group has completed the discussion of those objectives which had been presented in summary form only. It has also expanded its analysis of the financial status of WPI, and has attempted to discover those general trends which were present in the various Planning Day discussions. The Group was joined in these tasks by the members of the faculty-elected Planning Committee. Visits to the various undergraduate living groups (fraternities and dormitories) were undertaken by members of the President's Planning Group for the purpose of assessing student opinion on the present status and future aims of the College. A summary of discussions which ensued has been prepared.

Discussions of Objectives 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 may be found in Part II of this supplemental report. Part III contains a summary of the Planning Day discussions and Part IV contains a summary of the responses to the faculty-administration-trustee-alumni questionnaire, as well as a digest of the replies to the student questionnaire. Part V summarizes the exchanges which took place in the various living groups. The financial analysis is contained in Part VI, and a revised planning schedule is presented in Part VII.

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