Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

events of the entire seventy years. The files of the W P I, The Journal, and the annual catalogues have been invaluable sources. Many of the older graduates contributed helpful material, although in several cases it was found that their memories were less reliable than contemporary records. When the manuscript was nearly in its final form it was carefully read by Dr. George H. Haynes, whose comments and criticisms were priceless. This service added another increment to my long-accumulated debt to this good friend.

The name of another author might well appear on the title page, even though he wrote no part of the book. The original idea was his, and he persuaded me to undertake the development of it. That was seven years ago. During all the period of collecting data, writing and rewriting, he has supplied encouragement, and he has displayed amazing patience when other duties and downright indolence have caused months of inactivity on what, in our lively correspondence, we have referred to as the Magnum Opus, or merely the "M.O."

He is a delightful gentleman, a graduate of earlier years, who returned later to play an important part on the Institute stage. During the past seven years he has moved deeper and deeper into the circle of my closest friends, and I am happy to realize that the friendship is reciprocal. It is he who has provided the funds that have made possible the publication of the book. Although this material factor is but "dust upon the balance" in the personal relationship between us, it is an admirable contribution to the Institute and to those who are interested in its early development. He is such a modest man that to dedicate our -M. 0." to him by name instead of by indirection is a hazardous decision. I make it dauntlessly, commending to you William Lewis Ames, '82.


November 11, 1937


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