Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

Early in 1883 the trustees took advantage of an opportunity to secure from the United States Navy an instructor in Steam Engineering. The assistant engineer assigned was William N. Little, who became professor of Steam Engineering and Machine Design early in 1885, and served for two years. His successor from the Navy was William F. Durand, but after three months he was transferred to Michigan Agricultural College. Later he became a distinguished president of Leland Stanford University.

Four young men began long periods of service to the Institute during the succeeding two years. Robert C. Sweetser, who had received degrees both in Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering in 1883, became an assistant in Chemistry laboratory in September, 1886; an instructor two years later. George H. Haynes, just graduated with honors from Amherst, was appointed instructor in languages in September, 1887. The following year he was instructor in Mathematics but returned to the teaching of German in 1889. He left in 1890 to study at Johns Hopkins University. Also in 1887 came William W. Bird and Joseph 0. Phelon, both graduates of the class of 1887, the former to be assistant in Mechanics and Drawing, the latter in Physics. Both became instructors in 1889.

Because of ill health, Professor Smith was granted a year's leave of absence in 1887. Professor Eaton took a year off in 1888 for the same reason. Mr. Higgins was also granted leave in 1888, on condition that he would maintain longrange supervision over the Washburn Machine Shop. Professor Cutler was on leave the following year. Dr. George D. Moore of Worcester, a graduate of Harvard University, became an instructor in Chemistry in September, 1889, and was promoted to assistant professor the following year.

From 1888 on it was a policy to employ numerous graduates in the several departments. Among those who served one year in this capacity in the latter half of Dr. Fuller's regime were: Albert P. Allen, '89, James A. Baylis, '89, Albert B. Kimball, '89, son of Professor Kimball, Charles A. Clough,


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