Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

committee submitted to the Association a carefully prepared report of progress being made in the department to which it had been assigned. Some of the reports displayed more animus than discrimination.

The need for assisting the Institute financially was constantly in the minds of the alumni. Their first venture in fund raising was to procure money for an oil portrait of John Boynton, which was presented at Commencement in 1884. Two years later they planned the raising of the Thompson Memorial Fund, to be secured by annual gifts for a five-year period, and presented to the Institute. The fund raising began in 1887, and by heroic efforts there was accumulated the sum of $3,734, which was donated to the trustees in 1894 as an endowment, the income to be used for the purchase of books for the library. The success of this effort led to plans for a general alumni fund as a continuing policy.

Alumni activities were not confined to the annual meeting. Groups of graduates in various cities found it pleasant to come together in social groups. The first of these groups to organize a branch association was the one at Washington, D. C., in June, 1890. Two years later a similar organization was formed in Cleveland, and the Western Association was organized at Chicago in the fall of 1892.


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