Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

immediate raising of entrance requirements was impracticable, but that the remodeling of undergraduate courses was essential. The maximum amount of work required of students was to be reduced, time allotted to individual studies to be concentrated, and the schedule for the entire freshman year was to be the same for all departments. Advancing along the lines of this report, the faculty made numerous curriculum changes in the following two years, and thereby developed a course of study so well coordinated that it needed few major revisions for many years. Among the changes, effective in 1904, was the reduction of shop work for mechanical and electrical engineers to provide for a sophomore course in Surveying, an additional course in English, and more time for drawing. The civil engineers were relieved of the Summer woodworking course at the end of the freshman year. In the fall of 1902, this department had inaugurated a survey camp on the Institute propery at Chaffins, spending three weeks on the survey and location of a railroad line. Students and instructors lived in tents, and a mess hall was improvised in the hydraulics laboratory.

A course in Business Law and Contracts, taught by Dr. Haynes, was introduced into the senior year. It was the outgrowth of a lecture course started by Professor Jones. The faculty also planned to have a weekly assembly, attendance at which would be compulsory for all students, but the project was reconsidered in favor of general assemblies from time to time. In 1906 the entrance requirements were raised to include two languages and two sciences. In spite of this, enrollment continued to mount, reaching 377 in 1906, a fifty per cent gain in five years. Dr. Engler had told the Trustees in 1905 that the Institute could be self-sustaining with an enrollment of 650, but he did not anticipate that number until 1911 - nor was it attained then.

The period from 1904 to 1906 was one of great significance to the Board of Trustees, the beginning of a new epoch in the government of the Institute and in its material


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