Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years



THE first five of the twelve trustees chosen to direct the destinies of the new school were the men who had displayed the deepest interest in its foundation: Sweetser and Hoar, the incorporators, Ichabod Washburn, Stephen Salisbury, and David Whitcomb. Emory Washburn, the sixth member, served by appointment of the Massachusetts Board of Education. By the terms of the charter, Phinehas Ball, mayor of Worcester, became the seventh and one of the most active members. Ball, the only engineer on the Board, was an able consultant on waterworks and sewerage in Worcester before and after his term as mayor. The eighth member, Alpheus Harding, Jr., of Athol, was chosen to represent the northern part of the county. Mr. Harding was cashier of the Millers' River bank and succeeded John Boynton as its president. He displayed little interest in the Institute during his six-year term as a trustee.

This group of trustees, except Harding, assembled at George F. Hoar's office on the morning of June 3, 1865, to accept the act of incorporation, to choose officers, and to adopt rules of procedure. They elected Stephen Salisbury as their president , David Whitcomb as treasurer, and Phinehas Ball as clerk.


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