Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

completed the course and who had since become prominent. Such degrees the faculty politely but firmly refused to award, and after receiving several proposals from the Alumni Association, established a definite policy to award regular degrees only to those who had completed the required work.

In 1910 the Association sponsored a plan developed by Prof. H. B. Smith, the object of which was to stimulate interest in the Institute and to increase enrollment. Professor Smith made a series of visits to various alumni centers, at the expense of the Association, and did much to secure alumni cooperation in the project. The organization of alumni in these areas was much improved during this period. To the list of branch associations previously existing, there had been added one at Schenectady in 1906, and the Worcester County group in 1904. Four more were organized in 1910: Western New York, Pittsburgh, Connecticut Valley, and Rhode Island. The meetings of all district groups became increasingly popular, and materially strengthened the program of the Association.


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