Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

mind attended the Sigma Xi lecture Monday evening. Tuesday afternoon, trustees, faculty, students and alumni marched to the Park Avenue-Institute Road corner for the ceremony of inaugurating Alumni Field. Edward F. Miner presented the entrance and land for the Class of '87, Harry Worcester Smith the gates, and George 1. Rockwood turned over the keys to the field, paying high tribute to the work of Professor Butterfield. Mr. Washburn felicitously accepted all the gifts for the Institute. An unexpected feature of the afternoon was a speech by Dr. Conant, congratulating Professor Coombs on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday and presenting to him a gold watch on behalf of his colleagues. A gift of fifty roses from the Class of 1915 completed the tribute to this ever-popular teacher.

Tuesday evening a reception at the Bancroft Hotel, with President and Mrs. Hollis, Mr. and Mrs. Washburn, in the receiving line, attracted friends of the Institute to the estimated number of 1,200. The following morning another host of people, dignitaries from some eighty universities and other institutions, faculty and trustees, in a dazzling array of academic costume, met at the Bancroft and marched to Mechanics Hall for the commemoration exercises. Before a crowd that overflowed the old hall, Dr. Hollis delivered the commemoration address, followed by addresses by President A. Lawrence Lowell of Harvard, Governor David 1. Walsh of Massachusetts, Dr. John A. Brashear, president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The surprise speaker of the morning, called from the ranks of delegates, was Booker T. Washington. A buffet luncheon at Boynton Hall followed these ceremonies. In the afternoon there was a special meeting of the A. S. M. E., and the Class of 1915, almost completely overshadowed by the main jubilee program, held its class day exercises under the trees on the Hill.

A great banquet, Wednesday evening, was the next occasion for high compliments and ringing speeches. James Logan presided, introducing as toastmaster Francis W. Treadway, '90, former lieutenant governor of Ohio, who


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