Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

years as head of the department of Modern Languages, to become head of the German department at Williams. Mr. Spaulding served temporarily as head of the department, assisted for three years by R. M. S. Heffner, and after 1915 by Richard C. Joslin, a graduate of Dartmouth and Harvard. Francis J. Adams returned to the Electrical Engineering staff in 1915, after a two-year leave of absence. That year Walter D. Stearns took a similar leave, but resigned at the end of that period. Dr. James A. Bullard resigned in 1916, after eight years as instructor in Mathematics, to take a similar post at the U. S. Naval Academy.

After the resignation of J. K. Marshall the Institute was without the services of an official registrar for several years. Miss Josephine Frost was appointed to this office in 1916. Miss Frost, a graduate of Radcliffe who had taken secretarial courses at Simmons, had spent the two previous years as an assistant in the Institute offices. Miss Martha E. Strong, bookkeeper and later assistant bursar, began her work at the Institute in 1915.

The man selected to be head of the new department of Physical Education was Percy R. Carpenter. A graduate of Harvard, he had spent the succeeding years at Amherst College in the department of Hygiene and Physical Education, and for the last five years had been associate professor. His work with gymnastic teams, physical examinations, and as a football official had given him excellent preparation for the service that the Institute needed. As his assistant he chose Frank C. Brough, Amherst, '14, versatile athlete and instructor.

Another addition to the Institute staff during this period was Fred Margerum, appointed electrician in 1915, and destined to become well known to all students three years later. Word reached the Institute that year that one of its earlier instructors, Frank A. Sherman, professor emeritus of Dartmouth, had died at the age of seventy-three. Another death at about the same date was that of Mrs. Homer T. Fuller. Mrs. Thomas C. Mendenhall died in November, 1916


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