Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

problem that the Institute soon must solve. The first step to be announced was a prospective increase in tuition from $150 to $200. Mr. Washburn reiterated his assertion that an increase in endowment of $1,500,000 was imperative.

The alumni organization had been held together during Professor Butterfield's absence by Harland F. Stuart, '12, and sporadic efforts had been made to collect field and gymnasium pledges. Results had been sufficient to reduce the Art Museum mortgage from $60,000 to $40,000. In April, 1919, Mr. Stuart relinquished his work as Y. M. C. A. secretary and as acting alumni secretary to accept a missionary-teaching position in the Philippines. His successor in both posts was Willard B. Anthony, '15. Alumni presidents during the war period were George I. Rockwood, '88, Arthur C. Comins, '93, and Victor E. Edwards, '83.

Complete evaluation of the Institute's part in the war was not immediately possible. In each issue of the journal during the period, Dr. Haynes had published lists of alumni and students who were in active service. The number was about 700, a large majority of whom were commissioned officers. Nearly every graduate had some share, either in drives for war funds or in war industries. Several of the latter group amassed substantial fortunes. There were fifteen men who died in service. Three of them were killed in action or died of wounds: Mr. Brough, Robert H. Hogg, '10, and Winfield M. Putnam, '17. Those whose deaths were due to disease or other causes were: David M. Gaskill, '18, Arthur Grenwood, '09, Earl H. Karchar, '17, Almon K. Lincoln, '20, Thomas M. Lynch, '07, John E. Malone, '06, Raymond B. Penniman, '15, Albert B. R. Prouty, '14, Bruce E. Stephens, '22, Louis D. Tomasi, '18, Anson M. Vibbert, '13, and Leon H. Webber, '13.

The S. A. T. C. was of no practical value to the country's wartime program. If the war had continued for another year, or if the plan had been developed six months earlier, the Institute could have supplied the War and Navy departments with valuable replacements. Yet, although the S.A.T.C.


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