Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

it was necessary to provide machinery for selecting the additional members so that groups of three would take office for terms varying from one to five years. An elaborate ballot was sent to alumni, and the candidates were graded according to the number of votes received. As a result, the following nominations were made to the Board of Trustees, and these fifteen were elected to membership.

Term ending in 1925 - Paul B. Morgan, '90, president, Morgan Construction Co., Worcester; Clifton H. Dwinnell '94, vice president, First National Bank, Boston; Charles L. Allen, president, Norton Co., Worcester.

Term ending in 1924 - Harry P. Davis, '90, vice president, Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co., Pittsburgh; Henry J. Fuller, '95, vice president, Fairbanks-Morse Co., New York; George F. Fuller, president, Wyman-Gordon Co., Worcester.

Term ending in 1923 - Clinton S. Marshall, district manager, American Steel & Wire Co., Worcester; Moses B. Kaven, '85, vice president, United Shoe Machinery Co., Boston; Spencer Miller, '79, chief engineer, Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co., New York.

Term ending in 1922 - Charles A. Booth, '98, vice president, Buffalo Forge Co., Buffalo; William P. Dallett, '81, president, W. P. Dallett Co., Philadelphia; Windsor T. White, '90, president, White Motor Co., Cleveland.

Terra ending in 1921 - Calvin H. Hill, treasurer, Heywood Bros. & Wakefield Co., Chicago; Robert S. Parks, '93, treasurer, Parks-Cramer Co., Fitchburg; Frank L. Stevens, '84, president, Stevens & Thompson Paper Co., Hoosick Falls, N. Y.

The first meeting of the Corporation at which term members were present was held June 11, 1920. This meeting revealed another change in the by laws, which had previously received scant notice. The President of the Institute was thenceforward to be Chairman of the Corporation. Consequently, Charles G. Washburn handed the gavel to Dr. Ira N.


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