Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

The student Y. M. C. A. was active under the leadership of Willard B. Anthony, securing rooming accommodations and odd jobs for students as well as conducting religious programs. The Tech Carnival, under Y auspices, became more successful each year. The old custom of staging a riotous Tech Night at a local theatre was frowned upon by the Tech Council in 1920, and discontinued. The Council also took action to curb sophomore profits on freshman caps, limiting them to five per cent. The Tech Show was revived, but because the manuscripts submitted were so inferior to previous student productions, the Dramatic Association decided to present plays that had appeared on the legitimate stage. They were successfully produced, but the campus flavor was entirely lacking.

Football did not possess even the merit of character building during this period. The 1919 team played one tie game and lost seven. Trustees, faculty and students began to discuss the discontinuance of the sport. By the time they reached serious discussion the 1920 team had defeated Connecticut State, first victory in three years, and wound up the season with a victory over Rhode Island. The track team was revived after the war period, and strengthened by recruits, it gained major victories over Trinity and Tufts in the spring of 1920, and over Trinity and Boston University the following year. The 1920 baseball team had a poor season, but in 1921 the team won five of its eight games. The 1921 tennis team also achieved a high mark, winning eight of its thirteen matches.

The sport that was bringing the Institute into the limelight was basketball. The combination of a group of exceptionally fine players and the able coaching of Henry C. Swasey produced a team that for two consecutive years won the mythical championship of New England. The names and achievements of "Tom" Berry, Fred Pickwick, "Cy" Campbell, and Carroll Stoughton were well known throughout eastern athletic circles, and invitations for games came from most of the larger colleges, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Dartmouth.


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