Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Seventy Years

to have the qualifications, was not able to accept the position, the committee recommended that no action be taken. Herbert F. Taylor, '12, was selected to serve as alumni secretary on a part-time basis similar to the status of his predecessor. At this meeting also the committee on Alumni Council reported that, because of the large representation of alumni on the Board of Trustees, such a Council appeared to be unnecessary at this time.

The president of the Alumni Association in 1919-20 was Aldus C. Higgins, '93. He was succeeded by Albert J. Gifford, '96. How to finance the Alumni Office was one of several problems that arose during Mr. Gifford's administration. Clerical salaries and other expenses up to 1921 had been met largely by drafts on the new endowment but this was no longer a logical source. To meet an estimated budget of $2,500, a new scale of dues was adopted, providing three classes of membership, a $5 payment to include a Journal subscription, a $10 payment to include the Journal and annual dinner ticket.

The alumni reunion of 1921 was an event that surpassed all previous celebrations on the campus. It marked the fiftieth anniversary of the first graduating class, and provided an opportunity to express the jubilation that the success of the endowment campaign had created. Preparations were made long in advance by a general committee headed by Arthur C. Comins, '93. Elaborate publicity material was sent out, and much personal work was done to stimulate attendance. In order to provide time for all events, a fall week was assigned to Commencement. The Baccalaureate service was on Sunday, a class theatre party on Tuesday, the class banquet Wednesday, and Class Day Thursday. Monday night was assigned to Sigma Xi, an open meeting addressed by Dr. Albert W. Hull, former professor, who was now a prominent member of the General Electric research staff.

Friday, June 10, as perfect a day as New England ever experienced, was the high point of the week. Graduation exercises at the gymnasium in the morning drew a capacity


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